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Seventh semester
Conceptual design
Fredrik Lund
Tverrlandet and Trondheim

Three houses is a course dedicated to monthly, short-term sketch projects, focusing on establishing design rules and clear architectural concepts.

Villa 39 is a residence in the woods, with a generous 3m x 13m library space in the middle. The thick outer walls are diafragm brick walls that contain bookshelves, bunk beds, bathroom facilities and stairs leading to the reading roft.


Pin house is an extention to an existing family home at Tverrlandet in Northern Norway. The extention is designed as a tower, a vertical livingroom where each floor serves as a bedroom for one of the four kids, with a toilet at the entrance at the ground floor. The tower is only connected to the existing house through the balcony, making a direct connection from the livingroom in the second floor to the second floor of the tower.

Half acre hanging gardens is an expo pavilion at a vacant parking lot in Trondheim. The pavilion exibits different types of urban agriculture, vegetable beds spread out on the platforms, wheat growing in beds on the grund floor, and algea bioreactors hanging from underneath the timber frames. Alog the river promenade there are also algae pools on display.

stor modell_half acre_II.jpg
snittmodell_half acre_II.jpg
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